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Photo of David GrebowDavid Grebow, co-author (with Stephen J. Gill) of Minds at Work: Managing for Success in the Knowledge Economy (ATD Press, 2018), was born in Manhattan, New York City, and attended Harvard University, where he took a year off to work with the American Friends Service Committee counseling Conscientious Objectors to the Vietnam war. Upon graduation, he lived and worked in Cambridge, Massachusetts as a documentary film producer and director. Before dropping out for a year to live on the Comfort Thomas communal farm on Mount Desert Island in Maine, he ran Cambridge ecology Action, managed the first city-wide tests of recycling in Somerville and Marblehead for the EPA, and ran the first Urban Gardening Conference and Fair as Director of The Christian Herter Environmental Center.

After almost receiving a Ph.D. in Theology from his alma mater in 1974, he went to work in the emerging High Tech sector literally moving from the sacred to the profane. He started with DEC and was probably one of the first people on the planet to use DECmail one of the earliest incarnations of email. He left DEC and went to IBM, where he held Consulting and Senior Executive jobs in employee and customers education with a focus on the way technology could positively impact the way people could be managed and learned. He was responsible for a variety of training and learning projects that included everything from defining, designing, developing, delivering to managing and measuring. He directed the Institute for Advanced Learning researching and examining IBM’s investment in some of the earliest e-learning programs and worked on the initial efforts to develop Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS).

After leaving IBM in 2006, he became the Founder and CEO of KnowledgeStar, a company that consults with Fortune 500 corporations, startups, NGOs, and leading analyst firms Bersin & Associates and the Brandon Hall Group about the ways technology can enable and empower people learning what they need to know anytime and anywhere. KnowledgeStar is currently involved in defining the Internet of Smart Things and launching an Interactive Performance Support System (IPSS) that automatically delivers just-in-time knowledge to smart devices including Google Glass EE for people working in manufacturing environments.

David is a co-author of Creating a Learning Culture with Marcia Conner and James Clawson and served on the editorial review board for 4 Information Age Publishing books on technology and learning – “Education Managers with Tomorrow’s Technology,” “Creating a Learning Culture: Strategy, Technology, and Practice,” “Educating Managers Through Real-World Projects,” “University and Corporate Innovations in Lifelong Learning”. He is also the author of “A Compass for the Knowledge Economy” published in 2010 by ePubs Press, and has written numerous research papers and articles on management and educational technology for a variety of publications and magazines. Since 2007 he has been writing the award-winning and widely read KnowledgeStar Blog about everything from flipping classrooms to the future of work and education.

He is a well-known speaker, workshop leader and consultant and lives in San Francisco near the American bison in Golden Gate Park. When he is not working, he runs to the ocean to watch the sunset and hopes for the Green Flash to appear.

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