Air Conditioner Repair: When to Have It Repaired

Air Conditioners are highly effective cooling systems, but they are subject to wear and tear like all mechanical devices. The most important maintenance job that would guarantee the efficiency of an excellent air conditioner is, first, to clean or replace its internal filters. Filters clogged with dust, dirt, and bacteria interfere with normal airflow and significantly diminish a cooling system’s efficiency. When filters are replaced, the efficiency of the cooling unit will be restored. Hiring repair professionals will ensure that your air conditioner works properly.

AC repairThere are also two other maintenance jobs for you to carry out when maintaining your air conditioner. First, ask the technician if he can clean the coils inside the unit. If not, ask him to do it himself or if there are special air conditioner cleaning tools that you can rent. It would be better to do both tasks so that you don’t have to wait for the unit’s coils to dry out.

Aside from that, some window units are prone to damages. And if damaged, these window units will require expensive window repair or replacement services. Similarly, condenser coils located in the tower must also be checked and serviced regularly. While you can probably find many companies that offer professional maintenance services for your air conditioner, some are experts at cleaning condensers. So, it would be best to choose among those who are certified and renowned in their respective fields.

Concerning condenser coils, if you have an older model air conditioner, getting it serviced once a year is recommended. You can contact the manufacturer directly to schedule maintenance services. However, if you have a branded or a window-based system, it is recommended to have the unit serviced regularly. Having your air conditioner serviced regularly will help you prevent further damage to the unit. Apart from this, regular maintenance will also help you detect minor issues before they cause significant damages. Thus, having your system serviced regularly will help you save a lot of money.

Perhaps, one of the most common problems faced by air conditioning system owners is frozen coils. This happens when the condenser coil’s liquid lubricating fluid becomes low. This is usually the result of too much heat or too little cool air being supplied to the refrigerant lines. To resolve this problem, you can have the unit’s compressor serviced or replaced. Meanwhile, you can also use fans to circulate the cool air inside the room. For example, if your AC has an aluminum frame, then you can use heavy-duty fans to circulate the cool air inside the room.

Another common problem associated with AC systems is that of the evaporator coil freezing up. This usually occurs when the refrigerant levels in the evaporator coil drop below the required levels. For this, you can have the refrigerant levels increased, or you can have the refrigerant distilled once again. However, having the system serviced might be a good idea since it can efficiently resolve this problem. 

These days, ACs come with built-in defrost features. In this case, the refrigerant level in the condenser coil will be slowly emptied regularly. This is done to avoid the refrigerant level from becoming too low and eventually freezing up. Keeping this coil free of moisture is vital to prolong its life and ensure that your air conditioner works efficiently.

Most AC repair professionals recommend having your air conditioner repaired regularly. This is because AC repairs require expertise and advanced techniques for proper repairs. This is why it is suggested that you contact technicians who are skilled and experienced in their field. In addition, these technicians usually carry the latest air conditioner repair tools, which they use for the repair process. Thus, it is essential to have your AC repaired regularly to ensure maximum efficiency and comfort.